Corporate/Contract Flowers

We can supply weekly, fortnightly or event fresh flower vases to offices, bars/pubs and restaurants as well as home Contracts across  London/Middlesex. 

We also offer a bud vase and plants service. Prices range from £25– £75per vase per week or fortnight.

Bud vase flowers from 35p a stem or planted pieces from £1.00.

 We offer a selection of low maintenance plants for tables such as succulents. 

We deliver our corporate vases on a day of the week to suit you – throughout the weekend or early on a Monday morning, and for bars and restaurants we tend to deliver on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays we also offer a maintenance check once a week should you wish us to.


The style of vases/ flowers varies depending on each individual location the vases are designed for and their environments, from stunning contemporary vase designs to beautiful, flowing and traditional vases. We also can tailor pieces to celebrations for example Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day as well as seasonal relevance.